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The Philippines has so many beautiful islands scattered in one of a kind parts from Luzon to Mindanao. All of which have a mixture of different styles of sand, limestone and rock formations, and waters with various shades of turquoise, azure, cerulean, and exceptional sunglasses of blue. Some are more evolved than others with restaurants and all stages of resorts to be had whilst others offer a maximum-in-the-centre-of-nowhere attraction. Now let us go to Siargao Island Hopping.

Number one of the best places in Siargao Island. Siargao is famous for its cloud 9 waves. But after trying out your surfing talents, you could loosen up and unwind on distinctive beaches throughout an island-hopping escapade. The islands of Naked, Guyam, and Daku are the precise getaways for a few solar, sand, and downtime. Daku and Naked have great white sand and azure waters; both of which fit the bill of a tropical paradise. Daku is the most important of the three, making it the precise forestall for folks who need to have a picnic or spend the entire afternoon on the seashore. Guyam may be small however it positive is stunning with emerald and glass-like waters and a picture-perfect beachscape. Boat rentals range from P1000 to P1500, depending on the dimensions of the boat and group.

There are so many notable things to do in Siargao Island but one of the most famous activities is to get off the island and go island hopping from Siargao. There are three stunning islands handiest a quick long-tail boat ride away from General Luna, which is the visitor part of Siargao. Guyam Island, Daku Island, and Naked Island are the 3 stops along the tour, which incorporates choose-up, drop-off, and a seafood lunch.

Siargao Island Hopping Rates
There are two exclusive styles of tours you can do, to be able to make a large difference within the rate. The fee for a day of personal island hopping in Siargao stages from 1,300 pesos according to character or USD 26 all the manner up to $35 according to an individual if you are booking in advance online with an excursion agency through Viator. This usually includes connoisseur seafood, ceremonial dinner style lunch, and a go-to to Guyam, Daku and Naked Island. We managed to do the island-hopping in reverse of the standard order to keep away from the crowds and live on Naked Island until sunset. We had been the most effective boat at each Guyam and Naked Island.

The opportunity is to e-book an entire boat from a neighbourhood on the wharf, which levels from 1,500 to 2,000 pesos, which is about $30-forty. You can then pile in five-10 visitors depending on the scale of the boat. This will now not encompass lunch and might not consist of entry charges. That depends on how you prepare it with the boatman. You can buy sparkling fish and seafood from the dock in the morning, take it to Daku and have the neighbourhood shop fish fry it for you. Or you can just buy a local lunch for $1-2 earlier than you leave. Ask at Solaria or any of the guesthouses you may be staying at if they recognize a boatman. You won’t need to invite greater than human beings earlier than you find a guy.


Island Hopping Siargao in:

Corregidor Island
Corregidor Island is a 45-minute boat ride from the harbor. It isn’t a part of the usual island hopping schedule and could be something you arrange as an extra vicinity. I wouldn’t try to upload it to the everyday agenda as it could be quite a long day however I will show you what it’s like right here if you need to combine it with the excursion and remove Naked Island as an example.

Guyam Island
When you watched a private tropical paradise, Guyam Island is the type of spot that comes to thoughts. It takes about 20 seconds to walk from one aspect of the island to the alternative, weaving via the one hundred coconut arms that are approximately the most effective things on the small patch of sand. One neighbourhood man in a hut keeps watch about who comes and goes and will happily climb and take hold of you a coconut for 50 pesos. The water across the island is crystal clear. However, a huge reef surrounds the whole island.

Daku Island
Daku Island is going to be the middle island and your lunch forestall of the day. If you opted for the price range tour with a personal boat on the set rate of 1500 pesos you will be for your own here. Hopefully, you brought a few excellent snacks or your very own seafood, which the locals will cook dinner up for you.

If you’re on a tour like we have been, Daku Island is a pretty accurate chill spot. You could have one of the little bungalow huts protected to your charge and after an hour or so of chilling in the sun and exploring the arms, a seafood dinner party will arrive. Squid, grilled hen, adobo, mango, pineapple, salad, and beverages. There’s not anything greater gratifying than a seafood dinner party at the same time as searching out over the blue water in the Philippines. Trust me on that.

Naked Island
The final prevent of your Island Hopping Siargao experience is Naked Island. No, it’s not a nudist island it simply doesn’t have anything other than sand on it making it a bare island. A little bit of grass is growing on the island these days thanks to birds dropping seed however for the most component, this sandy patch inside the center of the ocean is naked. The sandbar is so small I swam around the whole thing earlier than placing out with the team inside the shallows for a couple of hours. There isn’t something to look on this island at all. It’s 100 meters of sand, however, that is the beauty of it. Have a beer, kick back in the sand or refresh yourself in the water. It’s additionally a great spot for sunset if you can manipulate to stay out that long.

So hop in and visit Siargao Island!

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